Converse Chuck Taylor 1970 Hi / Chinatown Market


Men's Sizes: 5, 6, 7, 8 - 11, 12


Converse Chuck Taylor 1970 Ox / Chinatown Market


Men's Sizes: 5, 6, 7, 8 - 11, 12



This Converse product releases Friday, August 2nd.

Due to demand and extremely limited supply, this collection will be available via an in-store raffle. Raffle winners will have the opportunity to buy this footwear. Winners must be able to purchase the shoes Friday, August 2nd - if you are not able to be physically present Thursday or your arranged pick-up day, please do not enter.


The raffle will be held one day, Thursday, August 1st, at noon Central Time and will end at close 8 pm Central Time.



Tickets for the raffle are free and will be limited to in-store only, ONE TICKET PER PERSON. NO PHONE ORDERS WILL BE ACCEPTED TO ENTER THE RAFFLE. Those attempting to enter multiple times will be disqualified. Those attempting to enter on behalf of another person will be disqualified. To obtain a ticket you must bring your photo ID and we will take down your name and phone number.



Winners will be notified Friday, August 2ndvia phone starting at 9 am central. Winners will have the choice of one of the two shoes while supplies last. Calls will be made from an unknown phone number. Winners must answer the phone and must have their personal ticket handy to confirm the winning ticket information. No ticket on-hand or on your person = no item. We will call with a first-come, first-serve method, the first ticket winner called getting their preferred choice of size. We will continue calling until all pairs are claimed.


The winner themselves must bring in their winning ticket and the matching ID at the pre-arranged date and time. Anyone attempting to claim the shoes with another person's ID will not be able to purchase the item and will forfeit their winning item. The shoes or apparel must be purchased with the winner's own payment method (credit card with winner's matching ID or cash). Product can only be picked up by the winner. The winning ticket is not transferable. If you have any questions please call 1-773-486-7159.

Thank you!