Saint Alfred Presents Rebel Music Studio, an episodic venture into the audio realm highlighting local musicians and DJs that have a voice of their own and express their crafts in unique ways. Rebel Music Studio looks to shine a light on all things music via the lens of Chicago and anything else that may relate aboard.


Chicago based Edgar De La Cruz - aka dj bbyfce- blends a symphony of frequencies that consumes the listener in a trance. From jazz mixed with house drums to chopped acapellas mixed with beautiful samples.  While being an in-house dj for various artists in Chicago playing venues such as Lincoln Hall, dj bbyfce provides a tasteful pallet of sounds that touches every point of emotion and feeling. You don’t know if you should dance, cry, or sing. Keep tabs on them via @ericsampsun for all upcoming dj bbyfce happenings.


We continued our series with dj bbyfce, who performed Sunday, September 17th, from 2- 5 pm. Enjoy the music from his set below.




Saint Alfred · Rebel Music Studio Vol. 2 featuring dj bbyfce